Earlier this month, we asked the AGL LinkedIn group, “What are some methods used to ensure consistent user feedback is integrated into an agile project, especially with the time and resource constraints in government?” and we received some great responses!

  • In Collins County, TX they have integrated a refinement session into the middle of their current sprint to get customer feedback to include in their backlog.
  • John Rich states that the product owner is the key resource in agile, representing the customers, and as such the product owner represents customer feedback in every step. He specifically calls out the sprint review, the sprint retrospective, and the acceptance criteria in user stories as the best vehicles to achieve consistent feedback.
  • Steven Mak recommends having the development performed on site to make it easier to receive and act on user feedback. Steven also recommends tracking feature usage as a way of analyzing user feedback.
  • A question related to receiving feedback from online customers was posed and received some great suggestions, such as a prominent feedback button or link, and online polls.

An important issue was mentioned by Ranjit that most people do not leave feedback because they don’t expect any action to be taken. Ranjit’s recommendation is to demonstrate transparency by displaying the number of feedback items received to date and the number of items which have been incorporated.

Please continue the discussion here so others may learn from your innovative ideas!