Broadcasting Board of Governors Office of Digital & Design InnovationAgile Government Leadership Steering Committee member Son Tran shares how the Broadcasting Board of Governors Office of Digital & Design Innovation adopted Agile in a new AGL case study:

In the Office of Digital and Design Innovation, the office where I work at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, we practice Agile in the Scrum flavor to manage our development projects. We’ve been doing Agile Scrum for the past two years, about the same amount of time that I’ve been with the office. In fact, I was brought into the office specifically to serve as an Agile ScrumMaster.

Of the roughly 3,600 employees who work for the BBG and all its entities, we are the only office to practice Agile project management. I wish that was not the case! Slowly, and by example, our colleagues in the agency are seeing that Agile projects run well. Our cycle times are shorter and more predictable. People are starting to notice that we get things done!

Case study: Agile Government and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (Office of Digital & Design Innovation)

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