U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Digital chief of DHS says Trump team is on board with agile

IT leaders at the Department of Homeland Security don't expect a shake-up to the procurement innovation within the agency, even with the upcoming change in administration.

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Federal News Radio: ‘USCIS is overcoming culture barriers to change IT development’

USCIS chief Mark Schwartz is testing out "impact mapping" on the agency's case verification system under the E-Verify program.

USCIS uses agile and DevOps to modernize gov IT systems

In a recent keynote address, Mark Schwartz of the USCIS outlined how agile and DevOps practices allow for continuous and efficient modernization of systems and services.

Audit reveals USCIS is struggling with agile implementation

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has not yet managed to fully implement agile development processes for its large-scale effort to move the agency's services online.

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FedScoop: ‘Here’s how to help DHS embrace agile development’

The director of DHS Digital Services says vendors who aspire to the new FLASH contract must not only "check the boxes" in the agile playbook, but understand why the process needs to be instilled in the agency.

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NextGov: ‘DHS to host industry day for agile’

Continuing its quest to be more agile in how it acquires tech services, DHS will host an event to educate vendors about Flexible Agile Support for the Homeland, or FLASH.

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FedScoop: ‘TSA eyes agile IT for Secure Flight ID-matching’

With aviation security a high priority, TSA put out a request for information that states its intention to utilize Agile processes to improve development for its passenger ID-matching system, Secure Flight.

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FCW: ‘What getting to agile looks like from the trenches’

Steve Kelman of FCW writes about his conversation with John Inman, a contracting officer at USCIS, discussing the real-world challenges faced by contractors and project managers making the switch to agile.

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CIO: ‘Cloud will make U.S. immigration agency more agile’

USCIS is adopting a scalable cloud infrastructure to increase operating efficiency and get helpful tools into the hands of users as quickly as possible.

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Federal IT officials say agility and security can work together

As federal IT teams strive for rapid response to changing requirements through DevOps and continuous integration, they can embrace security as an essential component of the development process.