How UK government IT leaders can capitalize on Brexit uncertainty

Transforming government IT to be more agile and responsive, along with a focus on DevOps principles and a scalable public cloud infrastructure, will form the basis for cost-efficient government during a time of Brexit uncertainty.

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Is ‘platform plus agile’ the key to scaling agile in government?

Rather than focusing exclusively on trying to be agile, the DHHS in Victoria, Australia makes strategic choices about platforms and then builds agile applications on top of them.

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Why you shouldn’t skip Scrum meetings

While Scrum meetings can seem tedious or time-consuming, they minimize obstacles and empower teams when conducted properly.

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Is waterfall government blocking digital transformation?

If true “digital transformation” is ever going to happen, government needs to move away from the downstream, technically constrained approach. Success depends on redesigning legal, policy, process, usability and technology aspects as a single integrated model – while maintaining citizen focus.

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StateScoop: ‘Free online agile development course targets government executives’

The course uses online content, videos, and an interactive game to teach concepts that empower leaders to bring agile to their organizations.

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CIO: ‘How 18F aims to take the pain out of the government procurement process’

"Our goal is to make acquisitions joyful. My interest is to rethink how we do procurements in the federal space, which has historically been a slow and painful process used only as a last resort to better serve their constituents."

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Bringing Silicon Valley-style innovation to government through “shark tank” contracting

Two new sections in the National Defense Authorization Act promote a faster process for firms to highlight their capabilities within the Federal marketplace.

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Applying agile to the modernizing of legacy federal systems

Legacy government systems can be modernized if the work is broken into isolated chunks and then financed using an agile share-in-savings model.

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Finding the balance in Human Centered Design vs. Agile Development

Should developers be involved in a project from the beginning, producing working software from the get-go for users to test? Or should projects begin with a discovery phase in which designers work with users to interpret needs before developers start?

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Singapore Finance Minister lays out agile economic strategy

As agile development methods continue to gain traction in agencies across the globe, governments are also taking the agile approach to economic strategies.

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