CIO: ‘How 18F aims to take the pain out of the government procurement process’

"Our goal is to make acquisitions joyful. My interest is to rethink how we do procurements in the federal space, which has historically been a slow and painful process used only as a last resort to better serve their constituents."

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Agile lends transparency to post-award monitoring of contracts

Automated tools and frequent demonstrations of work make post-award monitoring of Agile government contracts more effective.

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Contracting for Agile can actually work

Despite long-standing practices of writing extremely detailed requirements into government contracts, there's no law that says it has to be this way.

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Video: ‘Agile Acquisitions 101’

The Federal Acquisition Institute published an "Agile Acquisitions 101" video featuring 18F's Chris Cairns, Office of Federal Procurement Policy's Traci Walker, U.S. Digital Service's Jonathan Mostowski and the Department of Health and Human Service's Mark Naggar.

Podcast: ‘A Simple and Intuitive Approach for IT Procurement’

Federal Acquisition Institute's Behind the Buy podcast "A Simple and Intuitive Approach for IT Procurement" episode features Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Anne Rung and Executive Office of the President Contracting Officer (and founding member of the United States Digital Services procurement team) Traci Walker.

FCW: Federal IT initiatives to include smarter procurement and agile development

FCW reports that the U.S. Office of Management and Budget is expanding on the guidance it has already issued to agencies about digital acquisition and IT vendor engagement strategies.

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Computer Weekly: ‘Is the Digital Services Framework making Agile procurement difficult?’

In the UK, suppliers of Agile development are speaking out against Whitehall's Digital Services Framework, according to Computer Weekly.

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President’s budget looks to make federal IT more agile, less wasteful

Federal Times outlines how Obama's 2016 budget - and the hiring of high-profile industry executives as the nation's top technologists - will combine in an effort to bring better services to citizens while making spending more efficient.

GSA releases RFI on Agile delivery services BPA

The U.S. General Services Administration and 18F are working on a blanket purchase agreement that will feature vendors who specialize in Agile delivery services.

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AGL Discuss: What are the procurement obstacles to implementing agile development in government?

AGL Discuss is a regular, open discussion on a particular agile government topic. This topic: What are the procurement obstacles to implementing agile development in government? Join the discussion

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