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How UK government IT leaders can capitalize on Brexit uncertainty

Transforming government IT to be more agile and responsive, along with a focus on DevOps principles and a scalable public cloud infrastructure, will form the basis for cost-efficient government during a time of Brexit uncertainty.

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UK government transformation strategy promotes agile leadership

The strategy pledges a “change of working, of culture, and of disposition” in the civil service, with a strong focus on growing the right people, skills, and culture to maintain an agile and adaptive government.

March 1st, 2017|Categories: Agile government, United Kingdom|

UK Defense Secretary calls for ‘fitter, faster, more agile’ NATO

Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference, Sir Michael Fallon laid out a modernization plan that would enable NATO have more agility, flexibility, and coherence between intelligence structures and control centers.

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Director General of GDS looks to combine waterfall and agile for ‘genuine transformation’

Kevin Cunnington explains his plan for getting government institutions to transform into modern, digital organisations.

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Head of UK’s environmental services plans ‘agile response’ to Brexit

Extending the concepts of agile beyond development, the chairman of the Environmental Services Agency seeks to highlight 'productivity benefits' available to the UK economy through investment in waste infrastructure.

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Britain’s vehicle safety agency embraces in-house agile contracts

The DVSA, responsible for improving road and vehicle safety in Britain, has moved away from long-term contracts in order to modernize services through a more agile approach.

Report says UK government is at ‘tipping point’ over agile, digital success

The Institute for Government identifies issues with leadership, staffing, and Brexit distraction that could cause the UK government to miss its chance to shine in the agile and digital revolution.

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Without Government Digital Service, UK agency moves away from agile

The GDS had been helping the Rural Payments Agency implement a program, which was struggling when the RPA decided to head in a non-agile direction.

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GDS says government systems can be agile AND secure

For government systems, compromises can exist between traditional security approaches and the more open, agile way of working.

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How agile really looks inside UK Government Digital Service

An insider's look at the workings of the UK Government Digital Service, examining the question of whether GDS will manage to facilitate a full-scale transformation of government services.

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