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Case study: Agile Government and Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Chief Information Officer Bill Haight shares how his city adopted Agile in a new AGL case study.

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AGL publishes Agile government case studies

Agile Government Leadership is proud to announce it has produced four case studies — featuring federal, state and local examples — of how government is implementing Agile development practices.

Agile Profile: Bill Haight

Bill Haight, CIO at Salt Lake City, talks about challenges and shares recommendations about adopting Agile in government.

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Video: ‘Agile Government in Salt Lake City’

Watch Salt Lake City Chief Information Officer Bill Haight and IMS Business Services Manager Drew Gordan share how they introduced and implemented Agile, including advice, challenges and lessons learned.

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Government Technology: ‘4 Roadblocks to Agile Development and How to Overcome Them’

Government Technology covers four roadblocks to Agile in government and how to overcome them.