GOV.UKIn the UK, suppliers of Agile development are speaking out against Whitehall’s Digital Services Framework, according to Computer Weekly. The framework outlines very specific requirements — particularly about having employees with certain skillsets based in government offices — that hinder Agile suppliers’ ability to bid.

From the article:

Harry Metcalfe, managing director of DXW, told Computer Weekly that by following the process of extracting staff from organisations and forcing them into an ad hoc team for a short-term project inside government, the framework has undermined what it tried to achieve and the market it has approached to achieve it.

. . .

“We need to build on the shining example of the G-Cloud framework, using short contracts, open standards, flexible terms and financial transparency to manage cost and commercial risk. Heavy-handed procurement process should be a thing of the past,” Metcalfe said.

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