18F on the 3-sprint workshop and how Agile is like playing basketball

18FThe General Services Administration’s digital services agency 18F has published a quick guide to help federal agencies run their own one-day Agile workshop.

A new blog post, “How to Run Your Own 3-Sprint Agile Workshop,” walks agencies through structure, how to organize teams, roles, tips and a list of “things that can go wrong” to better prepare organizers so they understand potential obstacles ahead of time.

From the post:

You can’t learn Agile software development from a book any more than you can learn to perform a one-handed jump shot without repeatedly tossing a basketball in the hoop. You can read a book about the basic idea, you can read a book to get started, and you can read a book about refining your technique, but in the end you have to practice.

A basketball player performs drills in order to play better in the game. In technology development, we can perform workshops to get better at our main business – delivering software.

This is true whether you are a developer, designer, project manager, or, perhaps most importantly, a customer or an executive. It is particularly important for executives to appreciate the advantage of Agile methodologies, and the best way to come to that appreciation is to see it in action. The lowest-risk way to do this is to perform an exercise that can be done in a single afternoon with any group of willing participants.

Federal agencies looking for agile coaching support at cost-recovery prices under the Economy Act can leverage 18F’s new 18F Consulting services.

Read the full post here.

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