5 ways AGL can help you make a difference in government

AGL has been supporting pioneers of open and agile government for years, and now the movement has expanded to encompass an even broader community of innovators who are bringing human-centered processes and modern technologies to help agencies serve people better. This is a group of folks that get things done, dare to experiment, and share lessons learned about what’s working in:

  • Public service innovation
  • Talent and workforce development
  • User-centered design
  • Lean and iterative methodologies
  • Free and open source software
  • Open and participatory government
  • Modern and agile procurement

If these are things you care about, being part of the AGL member community can make you more effective at your job and connect you with practitioners who can help you succeed. Here’s how:

Find ideas that work, and the people that are implementing them.

As people in government find new ways to improve upon the status quo, we also want them to find each other. AGL provides accessible avenues and safe spaces for people to collaborate across agencies, levels of government, and industry firms — creating the kind of unique partnerships that lead to disruptive, positive change.

Expand your skills and knowledge.

Talent and workforce development are a key part of equipping agencies to meet the challenges of 21st century government. AGL members can benefit from online and in-person events, training opportunities, access to government transformation leaders, and peer-to-peer learning to help them develop skills for the digital age.  

“During my time in government as I have talked with staff at various agencies, it became apparent to me just how deeply they all cared about their missions and that they were eager to learn and change if someone gave them the slightest opportunity to improve things.” 

Ann Dunkin
CIO, County of Santa Clara
AGL Public Sector Board Member

Get practical advice to help solve your unique problems.

The public sector faces specific challenges at every stage of modernization and culture change. For folks in government trying new ways of doing things, the support network of AGL provides a community willing to pitch in and help solve problems by sharing advice, resources, and lessons learned. 

Stay connected to the government innovation landscape.

Government staff are often siloed within their own agencies and projects. The opportunity to stay connected to a nationwide group of practitioners can give insight into trends and developments across organizations, disciplines, offices, and programs — resulting in better decision making. AGL members can also participate in Working Groups which organize around specific topics or challenges and allow people to contribute directly to efforts that serve the public sector, regardless of their location or job title.

Be part of the movement to modernize government.

User-focused digital services, modern and scalable IT systems, and delivery-driven government have become more than suggested best practices — they’re mandated by a growing number of policies and provisioned with the formation of new offices and agendas dedicated to innovation. And of course the public is eagerly awaiting the time when government catches up to the private sector in delivering services that work for users. 

This is an ideal time to get plugged into a nationwide network of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal of transforming government — and committed to helping each other get there.

Become a member of the AGL Association  and join the movement to modernize government.

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AGL served the government innovation community from 2014 - 2020. It has now broadened its mission and community to form a new organization, Technologists for the Public Good. Learn more and get involved at publicgood.tech.

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