A Conversation with Ashleigh Axios

How do you solve problems in government?   Former Obama White House Creative Director Ashleigh Axios recommends seeing the present as a realist, the future as an idealist and “having the grit to get from point A to point B.”

“To fully utilize a human-centered design approach is really looking closely at the problems that are now and being able to keep your eyes open. What’s wrong? Why, how can we fix it? Who’s left out, how can we better serve them?  Utilizing those processes that as designers are muscle memory. This happens often using agile processes as well,” said Axios. “Going from listening to envisioning, hypothesizing, prototyping, failing, trying again until we get something as a collective and push further and further towards a future and better state.”

Axios, who spent 4 years in the White House and is now Chief Experience Officer for &Parnters, joined the AGL Association All-Members call on Feb. 20.

On the call, we asked her what thought leaders we should pay attention to. She mentioned the following:

  • Anil Dash / # #
  • Chancey Fleet / # #
  • Maurice Cherry / # #
  • Ellen McGirt / # #

She also mentioned these books:

Listen to the 37-minute interview below:


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