About AGL

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Agile Government Leadership was formed as a community based organization in 2014 to bring applied agile practices to government.

The organization launched a non-profit association in 2018 to serve the public sector and accelerate the transformation and modernization of government programs and culture.

The AGL community has grown to include over one thousand federal, state and local government technology professionals, private sector representatives, and civic activists across the United States and the world.

The Board of Directors serves to protect the mission of AGL and reach more government agencies with guidance for adopting innovative practices.

AGL is supported by membership dues from individuals in government and industry working together to create a better ecosystem for modern digital services.

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The mission of AGL is to transform the culture of government by bringing agile and innovative practices to public service delivery through shared knowledge and community.

To accomplish this mission, we will:

Build community and foster connection among professionals, organizations, and agencies that seek to infuse agile and innovative practices into public service.

Foster a spirit of openness and innovation by encouraging the sharing of information, the use and creation of free and open source software, and the demonstration of transparency in government.

Share resources, tools, and practical advice to help those who are working to bring innovative practices to public sector service delivery and IT acquisition.

Celebrate government innovators and organizations that adopt agile ways of working and thinking, reward creative risk-taking, and demonstrate servant leadership and team empowerment.

Through Agile Government Leadership, we will help create a more responsive, engaged government that is accountable to and effectively serves its citizens.