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Agile Champions

We bring government experience and perspective from federal, state, local, and industry. We stand ready to help others who are working to infuse Agile methods into the public sector.

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Robert L. Read
Robert L. ReadPresidential Innovation Fellow, Co-Founder, 18F
Rob is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, software team manager, and Agile evangelist (inspired by his friendship with Agile pioneer Kent Beck) who has led workshops for the GSA, the SSA, and other agencies. He is fascinated by the intersection of technology and human interaction, but also enjoys fraternizing with robots.
Elizabeth Raley
Elizabeth RaleyDir. of Professional Services, CivicActions
Passionate about helping people and processes reach their full potential, Elizabeth works daily at the intersection of technology (the teams she leads) and government (the clients they serve). She is a practicing ScrumMaster with a deep knowledge of Agile and its benefits to agencies.
Mark Vogelgesang
Mark VogelgesangRelease Management Team Lead, General Services Administration
Mark is an agile practitioner committed to clearing hurdles for code deployments and speeding up the time to delivery. He works with product owners and development teams to identify high priority tasks and release them incrementally.
Tim Nolan
Tim NolanSr. Applications Manager, Collin County, TX
Tim is a GIS expert who believes firmly in the power of positive culture to help solve IT problems and arrive at beautiful solutions, which is what he’s been doing for over 20 years in Collin County. GIS is his first love, but Agile is his new love — professionally speaking, of course.
Ben Morris
Ben MorrisPartner, STSI
Working to bring the benefits of private sector agile practices to government, Ben has also (reluctantly) developed expertise in procurement and contracting. He is mostly stuck doing management, but enjoys writing Ruby and JavaScript code on occasion.
Josh Smith
Josh SmithPractice Manager, Acquia
Driven by the belief that good government technology can make life better for taxpayers, Josh actively works with government leaders to drive cost efficiencies in their agencies through shared services, process automation, and open source technologies.

Previous Agile Champions

Thank you to those who have contributed their expertise to help build the agile government community!

Doug Birgfeld
Doug BirgfeldSenior Partner and Lead Agile Evangelist, AgileWave
Enthusiastic beyond all reason, Doug specializes in drawing out the hidden potential inside every team. He views Agile as the key to unlocking legacy organizational structures and developing a dynamic team culture devoted to continuous improvement.
Bill Haight
Bill HaightCloud Business Director, SunGard Public Sector
Participating first-hand in the evolution of IT over the past 35 years, Bill served on the front lines of the battle to bring Agile methods to his department in Salt Lake City. His advice to agencies looking to adopt Agile: “Start small and continuously step it up.”
Cathy Novak
Cathy NovakIndustry Principal, Pegasystems
Cathy’s outstanding knowledge of public sector programs makes her a valuable liaison to government executives. She helps create partnerships and repeatable solutions between government and industry.
Son Tran
Son TranProject Coordinator, Broadcasting Board of Governors
Working to shape the future of news delivery, social discourse, and crisis response around the clock and around the globe, it’s no wonder Son is a fan of Agile and lean methodologies. He practices as a ScrumMaster at the BBC’s Office of Digital and Design Innovation, ensuring spot-on connection between users and audiences.

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