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Starting in 2014, Agile Government Leadership (AGL) has grown from a community network to nearly 1,000 digital service professionals from across the United States.  The network was created to serve the public sector and accelerate the transformation and modernization of government programs and culture.

In May 2018, the AGL Association was established as a non-profit professional association to further the organization’s mission and strengthen partnerships with government agencies who are increasingly adopting digital service models.  The Internal Revenue Services has formally recognized the non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status.

In January 2019, the association launched a membership program. Supported by member practitioners working in both industry and government, the AGL Association hosts AGL Live virtual conferences, working groups, meetups and an innovation summit to help build a community of government innovators. The organization has also launched the AGL Handbook and AGL Academy.

The AGL Association is governed by a Board of Directors representing both the private and public sectors.  The board is elected by the association’s members, including government members who have “super” voting privileges to ensure the organization elects directors who are responsive to the needs of government agencies and their employees.