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Community support for a more open and agile government

Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of government culture and programs towards better service delivery. Here’s how we do it.

Build community and connection among professionals, organizations, and agencies that are working to improve digital services using human-centered approaches and modern technologies.

Foster a spirit of openness and collaboration by encouraging the sharing of information, bridging of organizational silos, use of free and open source software, and demonstration of transparency in government.

Help people learn by sharing resources, facilitating conversations, hosting events, and creating a platform for government innovators to increase their skills and share ideas.

Support and celebrate the people and organizations that are adopting agile ways of working and thinking, rewarding creative risk-taking, and demonstrating servant leadership.



By focusing on the empowerment of individuals, AGL will help create a more responsive, engaged government that effectively serves the public.

AGL working group at Agile2019

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