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Hands-on Practice: Agile Simulation (SIM)

In order to allow you to simulate the resource management decisions you make as an executive in charge of multiple projects, we have developed an online game which illustrates these concepts:

  • The Burndown chart and velocity serve to give you visibility into the progress of your projects.
  • Teams vary in their effectiveness, which you must take into consideration.
  • As an executive you get to make tradeoffs to try to provide maximum value, expressed as “Victory Points” in the game.
  • Dealing with negative events beyond your control is part of your job.
  • There are some actions you can take to improve the effectiveness of your teams.

In this lesson your assignment is to play the Agile SIM game for about an hour, which should amount to five or six game plays. We welcome your feedback on how this game has been helpful (or not) and how we can improve it.

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