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Agile for the Government Executive

Lesson 2: Tools of Transparency

Executives must understand how Agile provides transparency and why this is essential to the management of multiple teams.

As an executive you’ll find that transparency into the project and the ability to change direction without  total derailment is incredibly useful. Below we’ll introduce components that your Agile teams will use to facilitate these aspects. These are the tools of transparency.


  • Read “Tools of Transparency” (share what you’ve learned with team members!)
  • Learn by playing the Agile SIM game
  • Move on to Lesson 3

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The Tools of Transparency
Use the Agile method can provide amazing transparency– if you know how to use the tools. (Study time: 20 min)


Hands-On Practice: Agile SIM
Simulate the resource management decisions you make as an executive in charge of multiple projects. (Study time: 60 min)


  • Do you understand how strategic objectives help inform the user stories in an agile process?
  • Can you give an example of a user story?  Try writing some for a project you are currently working on.
  • Can you explain how a storyboard works?  Why is it important that the storyboard be visible to all team members?
  • What is a Burndown Chart and why does it help an Executive make good decisions?
  • What is velocity?  How does knowledge of a team’s velocity help an Executive make good decisions?

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