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Agile for the Government Executive

Lesson 3: The Agile Executive Workshop

Let’s focus on the unique role of an Executive to a Scrum process in government.

Unlike Project Managers and Product Owners (who are directly responsible for working with developers in the making of the product), Executives act as either force-multipliers or impediments to the team’s ability to produce great product.  

The Executive must create or provide the best environment and circumstances for the project to develop successfully. This three-sprint workshop allows you to practice doing this, highlighting some key skills you will need to develop as an Agile Executive.


  • Perform Sprint 1 – Defining Mission, Role, and Goals
  • Perform Sprint 2 – Asking Agile Questions
  • Perform Sprint 3 – Being a Servant Leader
  • Move on to Lesson 4

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These exercises help you and your team learn by doing. We’ll walk you through what you need, how to prepare, and how to complete each exercise. Now that you’ve learned the basics of Agile and your role as Executive, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, whip out your Sharpies, find a flip chart, gather your team, and get to work:

Start Sprint 1 – Defining Mission, Role, and Goals ›

If your team has completed the above exercise, you’re ready to tackle the next sprint.

Start Sprint 2 – Asking Agile Questions ›

And finally, it is time to practice Servant Leadership.

Start Sprint 3 – Being a Servant Leader ›


  • Are you and your team able to define the mission for a project in a single clear statement?
  • Are you comfortable defining a clear, measurable goal that will signify the success of a mission?
  • Do you know the essential measures you should understand in order to gauge how an Agile project is going?
  • Do you understand the difference between “Agile” questions and “Waterfall” questions?
  • Are you familiar with the core qualities of a servant leader?
  • Can you name the areas within your organization where servant leadership needs improvement?

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