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AGL Academy

A community effort by Agile government professionals to help educate and empower
those who seek to implement Agile processes into their own agencies

Agile for the Government Product Owner

Lesson 1: Introduction To Agile

Your journey to Agile excellence begins here.

During this lesson, your team will gain a basic understanding and shared terminology for the Agile and Scrum methodologies, along with the motivations for using them in government projects. You will read materials, watch videos, and perform an “Agile Assessment” — then graduate from the first week and dive deeper into the Product Owner’s role and responsibilities.


  • Read all items on reading list (share what you’ve learned with team members!)
  • Watch all videos on watch list
  • Complete Agile Assessment
  • Move on to Lesson 2

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What Is Agile?
Agile has become quite the buzzword — now find out what it’s all about. (Study time: 10 min)

Why Agile In Government?
Discover the fundamental benefits Agile brings to agencies. (Study time: 10 min)

Agile Government Handbook
Our guide to Agile, its history, and its present state in the context of government. (Study time: 90 min)

Government Challenges To Using Agile
It’s not easy at first — read about common challenges and how to overcome them. (Study time: 10 min)

The Scrum Guide
Scrum is a framework for practicing Agile — here’s a roadmap to get you started. (Study time: 30 min)

Agile Terms 
It can sound like a foreign language — but this cheat sheet will help you and your team adopt a common vocabulary for your Agile shop. (Study time: 20 min)


Agile 101 Case Study Discussion
Live conversation with panelists from both the Federal and private sectors about Agile and its role in the context of government. (Study time: 60 min)

Scrum Training Series
Scrum helps us practice Agile effectively. The Scrum Training Series above is divided into several videos: (Study time: 90 min)


Determine your team’s current Agile capabilities using our Agile Assessment. This will evaluate how Agile can be supported or challenged by your agency’s leadership, culture, policies, etc.


  • Do you have a 30-second answer to the question, “What is Agile?”
  • Can you explain to a colleague why Agile is needed in government?
  • Are you aware of what challenges and benefits to expect in your journey towards Agile?
  • Have you passed the tests in the Scrum Training Series?
  • Can you converse with a colleague about the different Scrum roles and who you think would be your Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Stakeholders in your current projects?

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