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Agile for the Government Project Manager:

Lesson 3: Running A Three-Sprint Workshop And Producing A Backlog

Perfect practice makes perfect performance.

It’s time to do a trial run (on a smaller scale) of the actual process of running sprints and producing backlogs, just as you will do for your future Agile projects. In the first workshop, your team will compress three sprints into a single one-day workshop.

Each Agile sprint would normally take two weeks so bring some snacks! The next workshop will help you learn how to create a product backlog. By the end of this lesson and after completing the two workshops, your team will be prepared to begin a real Agile project.


  • Perform Workshop 3: “Running Three Sprints In One Day”
  • Perform Workshop 4: “Create A Backlog”
  • Celebrate your accomplishments — you’ve completed the Agile course for a Project Manager!

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Workshops help your team learn by doing. With this lesson, the workshops will become more intense. We’ll walk you through the steps your team needs during the process. This is the final push before being ready to implement and launch your own Agile projects.

Start the “Running Three Sprints In One Day” Workshop ›


If you’ve made it this far, your team definitely has the skills to become an Agile shop. Let’s begin the last challenge:

Start the “Create A Backlog” Workshop ›


  • Have you successfully led your team through both workshops?
  • Is your team comfortable with the ceremonies and processes of a sprint?
  • Are you familiar with the use of burndown charts, storyboards, and story points?
  • Can your team work together to create a prioritized backlog?

Congratulations, you’ve completed Agile for the Government Project Manager!

The next level

There are many important topics that we haven’t covered in this course:

  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Modern deployment tools
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
  • Lean startup continuous learning techniques

Once your agency begins to reap the benefits of Agile, you’ll likely want to continue studying and pursuing this methodology that allows governments to bring delightful, effective services to citizens and customers.


We would love to learn how we can make this course better. Your feedback is welcome!

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