Add security to DevOps for evolved government IT modernization

MeriTalkAs approaches to security evolve, federal agencies should learn to adapt to constant change by expanding DevOps to include security, according to MeriTalk.

Integrating security with development and operations in “DevSecOps” helps agencies stay ahead with automated technologies, but embracing cultural change is equally important to success.

Agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and others are leading the charge by supporting collaboration with security teams at every stage of IT modernization projects. Learning to work together will help protect government agencies from increasing threats, and empower teams to work in innovative ways.

From the article:

“The Federal government has gotten very savvy about software development,” said Adam Clater, chief architect with Red Hat U.S. Public Sector. “What I’m beginning to see in the Federal government, at least in large programs where it is available, is a move to [the concept of] software factory development…The important fact is that agency managers understand that they need rigorous standardization and automation to build applications because these processes will lead to scalability and better security.”

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