Agile improves vehicle safety testing in the UK

GOV.UKDriver and Vehicle Standards Agency digital services director James Munson says that open-minded attitudes and iterative design have helped the agency serve citizens more effectively, according to Public Technology.

The DVSA won a Digital Leaders award last month for taking its MOT records (the UK’s annual test of vehicle safety) online. The award recognizes the building of a cohesive partnership between agency, users, stakeholders, suppliers, and vendors.

“There’s been a real shift in culture – the way we’ve embraced the agile, iterative way of working,” says Munson. “We’ve done more than 140 releases – that’s multiple releases a week – since the system was launched in September 2015.”

This is a big change – previously the agency would have looked at large, biannual releases, but Munson says that it has been granted more freedom to work in this modern way.

This is partly down to its outsourced IT, which the agency is in the process of switching over from large and long-term – “say 10 years or so” – to shorter ones that last around three years. “This gives us the option to work with multiple vendors,” says Munson.

Read the full article: Road test: DVSA tech director on how the agency passed its digital MOT | Public Technology

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