Agile innovation management in government

Ines MergelAgile development and modular acquisition approaches are part of the solution for government’s technology upgrade problem, according to Dr. Ines Mergel, a Professor of Public Administration at the Department of Politics and Public Administration at University of Konstanz, Germany.

Mergel published a paper based on based on interviews with CTOs and digital service innovators in the U.S. federal government, highlighting the elements that lead to innovations in digital service delivery.

Key points:

  • Agile innovation management is introduced as a comprehensive approach to find solutions for legacy problems in government IT.
  • Agile innovation management includes modular IT acquisition, agile software development, and leadership.
  • Acquisition policies need to be expanded by open source, modular, and agile development sprints for quick product delivery.
  • HR policies need to focus on short term stays in government to attract IT talent from the private sector.
  • Agile innovation management triggers a cultural change process in government.

Read more: Agile innovation management in government: A research agenda | Dr. Ines Mergel



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