Agile – it’s not just for dev

18F18F, the General Services Administration’s lean digital services team, realized that when it came to hiring they weren’t being so very agile.

FederalTimes reports that the agency decided to perform an agile overhaul on their hiring process when it became apparent that time and resources weren’t being used efficiently.

To become more agile, the team incorporated basic agile methodologies into the hiring process, such as:

  • Writing problem statements based on what applicants want from the process.
  • Documenting assumptions and making hypotheses.
  • Building minimal viable products to validate those assumptions and hypotheses through quick, two-week sprints.
  • Applying research.
  • Conducting interviews in organized “sprints” instead of random scheduling.
  • Using collaborative, highly visible work systems.
  • Prioritizing shipping usable products.
  • Regularly reviewing progress, iterating and improving.
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