Agile lends transparency to post-award monitoring of contracts

FCWContinuing his insightful and in-depth posts on how government procurement can be made to work with Agile, Steve Kelman looks at post-award management of Agile contracts in this article for FCW.

Drawing from discussions with Mark Schwartz, CIO of the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service, Kelman observes that Agile contracts make for more effective monitoring of the work being done and more transparency into the process.

Schwartz strongly believes that agile contracting enables better post-award monitoring of contractor performance, for two reasons. One is that the government gets the results of a contractor’s efforts very frequently, not after a long period of performance against a complex requirement. The second . . . is the use of automated tools that signal when distinct parts of the work on a sprint are done, and transparently communicate this to the government.

Read the full article: How to approach post-award management of agile contracts | FCW

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