Agile principles help cities embrace ongoing transformation beyond IT

World Economic Forum logoThe innovative power of agile promises to create opportunities far beyond IT, according to moderndiplomacy.

As cities enter the fourth industrial revolution, a new report released by the World Economic Forum underscores the importance of being ready to respond to rapid change. Applying agile principles to zoning, energy, education, and other areas will help urban centers increase livability and support economic opportunities. The report includes examples of cities around the world including Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, and Quito, Ecuador that that are making change through flexible, open, and data-driven planning.

From the article:

In an agile city, the government embraces ongoing transformation; planners efficiently rezone land for temporary uses; buildings serve a diverse mix of functions; policing and prevention strategies are smart and data-driven; agencies share and seamlessly redeploy their IT assets; interoperable transport systems are optimized by real-time information; energy networks maximize use of renewables while ensuring secure supply; and the education system quickly adapts to reflect the economy’s changing needs.

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