Agile requires ‘DNA change’ for government

Government Technologynewly released report from Accenture and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) shows a continued shift towards agile IT delivery in the public sector, according to Government Technology.

But the same report shows that governments continue to struggle with the psychology-related challenges of breaking down organizational silos, embracing flexibility, and trusting teams to collaborate and deliver.

From the article:

Agile requires structural, operational and behavioral changes, effectively a retooling of an organization’s “DNA,” with leadership, managers and staff all engaged in creating the environment for success. Public-sector leaders told us that shifting to agile required their organizations to rethink enterprise functions, break down organizational silos, shift mindsets from command and control to collaboration, and prioritize the need for design sessions to repeatedly tap the views of end users and program managers.

Read the full article: Agile IT Challenges Government ‘DNA’ (Industry Perspective) | Government Technology

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