Agile Team Checklist and Key Questions

Agile Team Checklist and Key Questions 2017-07-20T14:33:01-08:00

Every agile team should strive to:

  • Ship a functioning “minimum viable product” (MVP) that solves a core user need addressed by the service as soon as possible, and not longer than three months from the beginning of any new digital project, using a “beta” or “test” period if needed
  • Run usability tests frequently to see how well the service works for users, and identify improvements that should be made
  • Ensure that the individuals building the service are in close communication using techniques such as war rooms, daily standups, and team chat tools
  • Keep delivery teams small and focused; limit organizational layers that separate these teams from the business owners
  • Release features and improvements multiple times each month
  • Create a prioritized list of features and bugs, also known as the “feature backlog” and “bug backlog”
  • Use an “issue tracker” to catalog features and bugs
  • Use a source code version control system
  • Ensure entire team has access to the issue tracker and version control system
  • Use code reviews to ensure quality

Key questions for an agile team:

  • How long did it take to ship the MVP? If it has not shipped yet, when will it?
  • How long does it take for a production deployment?
  • How long in days are the iterations/sprints?
  • Which source code version control system is being used?
  • What tool is being used to track bugs and issue tickets?
  • What tool is being used to manage the feature backlog?
  • How often do you review and reprioritize the items in your feature and bug backlog?
  • How do you collect user feedback during development and how is that feedback to improve the service?
  • At each stage of usability testing, what gaps were identified in addressing user needs?

(Source: U.S. Digital Services Playbook)