Federal IT officials say agility and security can work together

At the 2016 Security Through Innovation Summit, federal IT officials weighed the benefits of continuous integration and DevOps against the security concerns of rapid-fire changes to software.

FedScoop reports on the remarks of Michael Hermus, chief technology officer of the Department of Homeland Security, who said security issues shouldn’t scare federal IT teams away from continuous development.

Hermus said that until recently, security was a separate (and often troublesome) consideration in the development process. But Agile and DevOps have forced a change. As federal IT teams strive for rapid response to changing requirements, they can embrace security as an essential component.

Now I think we all recognize that it is absolutely critical that [security] is factored in as early as possible. The way we look at DevOps and continuous integration is it’s an opportunity to do that — an opportunity to take current processes that are in many cases manual, that are sometimes document driven and compliance driven, and actually build security into the process, into the continuous integration development process.

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