AGL Discuss Recap: What makes a good executive-level progress report on an Agile project?

This month we asked members of the AGL group on LinkedIn what makes a good executive level report.

We heard from executives and program managers alike and saw some common themes. See the highlights below:

  • Version Chart/Report – essentially a time-boxed view of features/items planned for next release/version/MVP in story points vs. story points expended to-date of the “done” items.
  • Green/Yellow/Red on Budget, Scope (estimated effort to complete MVP), Risk. Any yellow and red require a listing of impediments/blockers, their respective cumulative time they have remained unresolved, and action item to “Get to Green”.
  • List of skills and capacity gained since the last report and other factors that tend to extend velocity. Likewise, list of skills and capacity lost … This includes resources, governance, regulatory/legal.
  • Have regular face time check-ins (like a scrum of scrums) to ensure that the sprint plans execute product delivery and meet our monthly objectives. At this time upper management ensures we have the $$$ in our operating budget to fulfill those objectives by at least a month out.

We want to know what you think – please join the conversation here.

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Elizabeth Raley is director of professional services at CivicActions and member of the Agile Government Leadership steering committee. Connect on LinkedIn.

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