AGL in Government Technology: 4 roadblocks to agile development and how to overcome them

Government Technology published an article on how government agencies can overcome key impediments to agile ways of working.

Public sector IT leaders in Maine, Michigan, Washington and Salt Lake City discuss their efforts and lessons learned.

The article also highlights the creation of AGL to build resources and community for governments looking to implement agile.

From the article:

Bill Haight, CIO of Salt Lake City, said he wanted to address the problem of agency requirements changing during a project and therefore increasing timelines and associated costs. He’s experimenting with agile, hoping to find a more fluid approach to software development. Yet Haight sees some barriers. “Most governments still work very much in a siloed fashion, where agencies have their business systems and IT supports them,” he said. “We are trying to break down those silos as much as we can and foster collaboration across departments.”

Both Salt Lake City’s Bill Haight and CivicActions’ Elizabeth Raley are on the steering committee of a new group [AGL] seeking to bring together public-sector IT professionals around the principles of agile development.

Read the full article in Government Technology.

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AGL served the government innovation community from 2014 - 2020. It has now broadened its mission and community to form a new organization, Technologists for the Public Good. Learn more and get involved at

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