AGL in NextGov: 10 steps to making your agency agile

NextGov posted an article created by members of the AGL working group to help agencies understand and implement agile practices.

Bill Haight, former CIO of Salt Lake City, and Robert L. Read, co-founder of 18F, say that the best way for teams to learn agile is to “dive in and try it out.”

From the article:

Agile, particularly when talking about systems design and implementation, is a whole new way of looking at how governments will implement services and the technology behind them. It starts and ends with the needs of users — the citizens we’re serving. It gets developers, managers and customers working together in the same room, focusing on iterative improvement rather than long requirements lists.

Having navigated my way through implementing agile in my department, I developed 10 basic steps a department leader can use to start bridging the gap between “How do I start?” and “We did it!” These tips are written specifically for someone leading a department within government, from the smallest cities and counties to large federal agencies.

Read the full article in NextGov.

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