AGL in Techwire: Is California (finally) ready for agile?

TechwireBill Maile, Director of Government Relations for AGL and former Communications Director for the California Child Welfare Digital Service Project, says the state shouldn’t abandon agile methods despite challenges with the project.

In a Techwire article, Maile explains that culture change in government is the key to successful adoption of agile principles such as the freedom to experiment and to learn from failure.

From the article:

It would be ill-advised for the state to revert to old ways, abandoning the value of agile because of fear, stagnation or the lure of maintaining the status quo. Following the commendable example of the Health and Human Services Agency with the CWDS project, California should continue to actively invest in its own future.

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There’s been a consistent drumbeat in the global gov tech community that agencies are ready to follow the private sector into the digital age and give taxpayers the friendly, useful services they deserve. But that will happen only when government culture truly supports and celebrates the process of learning … and remembers why it started pursuing agile in the first place.

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