AGL launches free online course in Agile project management

AGL Academy“A group of government information technology leaders have banded together to create a three-week online course for government officials to learn agile software development,” reports StateScoop. In response to the newly launched AGL Academy, StateScoop talked with Elizabeth Raley, Director of Professional Services at CivicActions, who serves on the AGL working group and helped create the materials for the Agile course.

“We saw a need for the government to become more agile, and we’ve been agile practitioners for years,” Raley said. “We took our combined experience on either doing training with our clients or with our internal departments, and we put together this academy.”

FCW also reported on the training program, which is designed to give project managers in government hands-on experience with Agile methods. Participants can access reading materials, videos, and workshops designed to teach through experience.

Rob Read, who helped develop the training materials based on his experience as co-founder of 18F and Presidential Innovation Fellow, told FCW that experience is key to learning Agile:

“We focused on workshops that can give beginners the confidence they need to run a project. They show the benefits of agile right away,” Read said.

The Agile project management course is only the first of many courses AGL plans to offer via the Academy. Future training will be offered for government executives, contracting officers, product owners, developers, vendors, and legal professionals. AGL welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement from anyone utilizing the training.

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