AGL launches membership opportunities to support government innovation

AGL members recently met to discuss vision and strategy for building an empowered and connected government innovation community.

The outcome of their conversation is captured in an article that highlights these goals:

  • Help government innovators find each other
  • Help people learn
  • Encourage better dialogue
  • Increase safety for government innovators
  • Create opportunities for partnership
  • Support and celebrate individuals

Read the full article on Medium: Building a human-centered ecosystem for government innovation

These goals recognize that people are the cornerstone of any successful effort to make government work better. AGL’s member community provides a support network and collaboration opportunities for government professionals who are working to bring modern, innovative practices to the public sector.

Learn more about AGL membership here.

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AGL served the government innovation community from 2014 - 2020. It has now broadened its mission and community to form a new organization, Technologists for the Public Good. Learn more and get involved at

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