AGL Special Presentation on 6/23: State Software Collaborative with Robin Carnahan and Waldo Jaquith

Please join us for a special online discussion with Robin Carnahan and Waldo Jaquith, co-founders of the State Software Collaborative, a project organized with Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation.

As part of the Beeck Center’s Digital Service Collaborative, a project in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, the effort will knit together a collection of state agencies based on common needs to help them collaboratively procure, develop, and maintain the software that they all depend on. This will prevent 50 states from buying 50 versions of near-identical, overpriced software, and instead allows them to procure high-quality, fair-priced software just once, and share it amongst themselves. Learn more about the project here:

When:   June 23 at 3PM Eastern / 12PM Pacific

Register here:

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