AGL Summit to fuel conversation + community around California digital innovation

An article by CivicMakers founder and AGL member Lawrence Grodeska examines the inevitability of government modernization and points to a moment of opportunity for everyone who wants to be part of delivering better digital services — and how the AGL Summit will fuel conversations on this topic.

The event will be held May 23 in Sacramento and will bring together government agencies that have successfully created digital services at the federal, local and state levels.

From the article:

California has always been a forward-thinking leader of change, from social justice to sustainability. And there is no better time than now. This is a moment within a movement — with a new, tech-forward administration coupled with some true innovation and leadership already happening within state agencies and locally across the state. This moment offers the chance to push the envelope of possibility and develop a model for public sector innovation that can be adopted across the country.

This is why the Agile Government Leadership Association and CivicMakers are organizing the AGL Summit in Sacramento on Thursday, May 23. Both of our organizations have been convening the govtech and civic innovation communities for some time, and celebrating the hard work that’s already being done. And we both deeply believe in the potential for innovation and digital transformation to deliver more effective, efficient and downright delightful public services to more people in need. Ultimately, we see the potential to grow a new collaborative, responsive, resilient culture in government agencies.

Whether you sit inside or outside of State Government, no matter if you are a true believer or skeptical observer, this event is for you. We want to learn from your perspective about the challenges and opportunities that digital services present for the State of California. That’s why we’ve designed this event to be part inspiring, educational conversations on the main stage, and part skill-sharing and collaboration sessions with your peers.

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