Air Force intelligence unit is getting new systems up faster with agile

U.S. Air ForceThe U.S. Air Force IT is modernizing with agile methods in order to get new systems up and running faster, according to Information Week.

Wes Haga, chief of missions applications and infrastructure at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, says the old methods of procuring new system builds were so slow – 60 to 84 months – the technology was often outdated by the time it was ready to use.

From the article:

“With a more agile approach, we pick a place to start and get to a point where you can have an intelligent conversation… a point where the requirements are 80% done and the application is good enough,” explained Haga.

Then … the application is put in front of its potential users to collect feedback. The users specify the main things they think are still missing or the functionality still lacking that they were counting on. The development teams then go through a series of three, 30-day sprints to try to get move the application close to implementable form.

Read the full article: Air Force Intelligence Unit Goes Agile | Information Week

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