Air Force invites small business to make a pitch

AFCEASmall businesses have a new opportunity to work with the Air Force, which is offering a special “pitch day” event where vendors can share ideas and pick up an immediate contract,  according to Signal (AFCEA).

Organizations are invited to submit a 5-page white paper to be considered for the event, addressing problems in key areas such as software, intelligence, special operations, and more. The Air Force will release a list of requirements prior to the event, which is scheduled for March 6-7, 2019.

From the article:

“At pitch day, if we like your idea, you can walk out that day with a one-page contract, and with a swipe of a government credit card, [you’ll receive] your first down payment for working for the United States Air Force as a contractor,” [Heather] Wilson, [U.S. Air Force Secretary] explained.

“We want to get small innovative companies able to do work with the United States Air Force, and we’re willing to change the way we do business in order to do it,” she said.

Read the full article: Air Force Reveals Same-Day Contracting Opportunity | AFCEA/ Signal Magazine

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