Applying agile to the modernizing of legacy federal systems

agile share-in-savingsLegacy government systems can be modernized if the work is broken into isolated chunks and then financed using an agile share-in-savings model, according to FedScoop.

From the article:

“Agile software development produces code iteratively. If we extend the principles of agile software development to the total rewrite of a legacy system, then we must rewrite it in chunks and find a way to finance that rewrite in chunks as well.”

The authors produced the infographic at right to demonstrate the process.


Read the full article: An Agile Financing Model: Agile Share-in-Savings | FedScoop

This article is a starting point for a deeper discussion of this topic:
Bootstrapping the Modernization of Federal Legacy Systems through Agile Share-in-Savings Contracting | Chris Cairns and Robert L. Read via Medium

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