Australia Digital Transformation Agency seeks user feedback on digital service standards

OpenGov Asia reportsAustralia Digital Transformation Agency that the Australia Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is reviewing the Digital Service Standard, which is used to make sure government digital services are built to be simple, clear and fast.

The Standard calls for agile and user-centered processes in developing government digital services. By conducting this review process, DTA stays true to the principles of agile by requesting input from Australian agencies, the ‘users’ of the Standard.

From the article:

[DTA] is seeking feedback from agencies which have used the Standard in their work. Over the next few weeks DTA will also be conducting research interviews with a range of agencies and people who have used the Standard. The DTA is looking to understand what’s working well, what’s not working well and what barriers agencies may come across when they’re trying to use that Standard. During the review period, the Standard will continue to apply.

Read the full article: DTA Australia reviewing standards for digital government services | OpenGov Asia

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