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Former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer Cori Zarek Joins AGL Association Board of Directors

Veteran government technology executive Cori Zarek has joined the AGL Association Board of Directors. The former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer will serve as a chief advisor to the nonprofit that formed in 2018 to serve the professional digital services community. "We are honored to have Cori in a leadership role with the AGL Association, to

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A Conversation with Ashleigh Axios

How do you solve problems in government?   Former Obama White House Creative Director Ashleigh Axios recommends seeing the present as a realist, the future as an idealist and "having the grit to get from point A to point B." 

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U.S. Department of Energy CIO Talks Agile

U.S. Department of Energy CIO Chris “Rocky” Campione says he is not an agile expert, nor does he think it’s the greatest thing ever. However, as the technology executive for one of the nation’s largest and most mission-critical departments, he has a lot to say about iteration, culture and making progress in two-week sprints. He says he wants to create a culture of delivery.

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Video: How to break up with your legacy system

You and your legacy system have been together for a long time, but you know you need something new. But how do you do break up?   The answer is "slowly, piece by piece," says Ashley Owens, Director of Acquisition at 18F.    Owens was joined by a panel of legacy experts at the AGL

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Interview with Brent Maravilla – A journey hacking federal government procurement

In case you missed the last All-Members call on Jan. 23, 2020, the call featured an interview with Brent Maravilla, acquisition strategist for U.S. Digital Service. Brent spent more than 12 years working on procurement in the federal government. Currently, he is a procurement strategist with Rebellion Defense. Listen to the 38-minute audio recording below. Not to miss points:

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Video: Partnering with nonprofits: The unique stories behind associations

What is the emerging role of nonprofits in partnering with government agencies to support digital services?  Experts from a range of organizations weigh in at the AGL Summit held in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 7, 2019. Panelists included: Melinda Burgess, Director of Community Engagement, AGL Association Dan Levenson, President, Digital Services Coalition Kelli Shewmaker,

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Video: How to co-create a procurement from scratch with multiple vendors and a cross-functional team

How would a federal acquisition strategist create a procurement from scratch with multiple vendors and a cross-functional team?  Brent Maravilla with the U.S. Digital Service, tells the story about how he worked with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture to create a procurement for a digital-related exhibit that involved vendor and staff collaboration in advance of a Request for Proposal.

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Video: Digital Procurement Experts Talk Reform

Procurement is at the heart of the way government provides services to the public, said Former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer Cori Zarek.   "It is critical that we look at how we acquire technology and how we partner with the vendor community," she added, introducing a panel of experts at the AGL Summit on Nov. 7, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

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