Baltimore aims to release first strategic IT plan

City of BaltimoreWith a new CIO at the helm, the city of Baltimore is crafting its first enterprise-wide road map for information technology (IT) modernization, according to Government Technology.

Baltimore CIO Frank Johnson has responded to the mayor’s call for an investment and focus in tech by leading the formation of an inclusive IT strategic plan — a digital transformation plan to closely reflect and guide the city’s mission.

From the article:

That plan, Johnson said, will likely divide into three parts, the first devoted to people and process — and with the “No. 1 focus” of building staffing and “reorganizing a modern IT team with an eye toward executing the strategy.”

Its second section will center on IT priorities — which include a list of ranked infrastructure needs. These include consolidating servers and networks, virtualizing and containerizing workloads, and opening a path to the cloud; creating a new dev-ops team; and getting off the mainframe.
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“You know that none of this is easy, which is probably why it hasn’t been done yet. With all fairness to the IT people in Baltimore city, this is long, it’s hard and it’s expensive,” Johnson said.

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