Can agile competition transform gov IT to look like SpaceX?

FCWIf competition is brought into ongoing agile development processes, government IT could mimic the innovative achievements of SpaceX, suggests columnist Steve Kelman in FCW.

Multi-vendor competition for agile sprints and the idea of having individual sprints done on a fixed-price basis are concepts that have been pioneered by Mark Schwartz, the CIO of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and by work 18F has done with the State of California on a new case management system for child welfare programs, according to Kelman.

From the article:

Performance and productivity pressures in a multiple award world come from the ability to jigger around the amount of work given each of the multiple award contractors based on their performance in earlier sprints. This is key to what has been done at USCIS, where the agency reassigns among contractors every six months the number of teams assigned to the contract based on earlier performance.

Read the full article: An IT moonshot: Can government IT development come to look like SpaceX? | Steve Kelman, FCW

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