Canada launches agile digital service agency

Canadian Digital ServiceThe Canadian government is launching its own agile digital service organization following similar efforts by the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy, according to Government Computing.

In a blog post on the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) website, president of Canada’s Treasury Board Scott Brison said that Canadians expect stellar service delivery, like they get from the private sector. He declared that Canada would not lag behind the times — in this world “you are either digital or you’re dead.”

From the article:

The Government of Canada has an opportunity—and a responsibility—to deliver world-class services to Canadians. This will require disruption as we make the switch, both technically and culturally, to agile digital delivery models. To accelerate these efforts, I am excited to announce the launch of the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) to modernise the way the Government of Canada designs and delivers digital services.

Read the full article: Canada launches its own version of GDS | Government Computing


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