Case study: Agile Government and Salt Lake City

Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Chief Information Officer Bill Haight shares how his city adopted Agile in a new AGL case study:

In 2012, I was the City’s CIO and was again faced with the quintessential dilemma facing many IT shops. Business partners were frustrated, there was more work to be done than available resources could handle, and getting the funding needed was always a challenge. A new way of managing the workload was needed. IMS needed to shorten the time to production, improve communications, and raise the level of accountability on project teams.

I had been exposed to Agile Project Management through a relationship with a third party software vendor as early as 2004 and was interested in the results we saw. Then, in 2012, the situation was right to implement a new way of thinking about how the department would provide services.

Case study: Agile Government and Salt Lake City

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