Video: Experts Discuss the Partnership of Agile and User Experience

The natural connection between user-centered design and working iteratively is critical to staying on track in large government IT projects, according to two digital services experts who discussed the topic in a recent panel discussion. Caroline Smith, digital service expert at the U.S. Digital Service and Natalie Kurz, director of user experience at Flexion

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Video: U.S. Trade Representative CIO Outlines Launch of Critical Tariff App in 5 Weeks

Celestine Pressley, CIO for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, discusses how her agency deployed a critical application in 5 weeks.  Using an agile approach, Pressley's team created a public-facing application to process tariff exclusion requests for U.S. companies seeking exemption from a new, high-profile, trade policy. "By the time I got on

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Video: Former Obama Administration Tech Officials Discuss History, Future of Digital Services

At the AGL Summit last month, Ann Dunkin and Greg Godbout, who served together in the Obama Administration, talked about the history, culture, and future of the digital services movement.  Ann currently serves as CIO for the County of Santa Clara. Previously, she served as CIO for the U.S. EPA. Greg currently serves as

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VIDEO: Overcoming impediments to a culture of innovation in government

Drawing on their combined experience with innovation efforts in federal, local, and nonprofit civic organizations, a panel of government practitioners at AGL Summit discussed key elements for leading change in the risk-averse public sector.

VIDEO: State and local government practitioners share ideas, priorities in open discussion on digital services

At AGL Summit on May 23 in Sacramento, government practitioners from state and local agencies and civic technology firms participated in open space discussion on the future of government digital services in California.

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