Changes within Agile teams require agility from the inside out

DigitalGovAgile teams are prepared to deal with change – but when the change is internal, it can be disruptive unless the team has taken the necessary steps to enable a smooth transition.

In this post on DigitalGov, Michael Torres of 18F shares valuable thoughts about how Agile teams can be proactive by developing good documentation habits and maintaining a positive attitude toward change (even if it disturbs the team dynamics when some members leave and new ones arrive).

Agile techniques can help your team deal with change, but only up to a point. Stable teams, stable code, and delivering the right thing with consistent velocity is the goal. Teams should do what they can to minimize team changes, while also working to minimize the negative impact of change, because team happiness and productivity go hand in hand.

Read the full post: The teams, they are a-changin’ | DigitalGov

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