CIO: ‘Cloud will make U.S. immigration agency more agile’

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration ServicesFor immigrants to the U.S., it’s easier than ever to apply for green cards and work authorizations, thanks in part to the dedicated work of Mark Schwartz, Agile enthusiast and CIO of Citizen and Immigration Services. reports that Schwartz continues to lead the agency in Agile and consumer-centric methods of software and application development, viewing the provision of services to citizens in the same way a private company views its customer service. The agency is adopting a scalable cloud infrastructure to increase operating efficiency and get helpful tools into the hands of users as quickly as possible.

“We can set things up so that servers get created automatically when load increases on them. We can use a continuous delivery pipeline — a method of deploying software automatically — that just takes minutes for changes to make their way into the production environment for people to use,” Schwartz said. “So I view the cloud primarily as a way of speeding up delivery and letting us do quick experiments to see what works, get feedback from users and incorporate the feedback into what we’re doing.”

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