CIO Review: ‘Resilient Oakland launches civic design lab to embed systems thinking and agile government’

CIO ReviewCIO Review reports the City of Oakland has launched a Civic Design Lab (CDL), a dedicated program that brings together people, process, and policy to reimagine and redesign local government. The team is employing a project-based, user-focused approach to solving municipal problems.

From the article:

For cities and the constituents they serve, there are multiple benefits in delivering better, more integrated municipal services: improved service delivery for all constituents (which also increases trust in government), advanced analytics for city management to understand evolving situations in real-time, and informed decision-making to ensure city resources are allocated efficiently.

As residents and businesses expect a more open, functional and responsive government, how can we rethink old paradigms in breaking down these traditional silos? How do cities increase access to services while building a more nimble and efficient government?

Read the full article: Resilient Oakland Launches Civic Design Lab to Embed Systems Thinking and Agile Government | CIO Review

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